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Texas Home Plans has a wide range of home plan designs, from palatial Estate Homes all the way down to 350-square-foot Cabins. Click on any of the items on this page to see a sampling of completed projects in that category.


Cabins or casitas typically are smaller, 2-bedroom living quarters with no garage, and they are often found on ranches as guesthouses or caretaker accommodations.


Cantinas are outdoor living structures for entertaining and enjoying the beauty of outdoor spaces. They may contain fireplaces, grills, refrigerators, bar taps and even pizza ovens. They are designed to complement the architectural style of the home.

Carriage Homes

A Carriage House is usually built as part of a Garage or Barn. It will include a small living area with a lounging/sleeping area, but no more than one or two rooms total. These can be quite cute as well as efficiently functional for guests, family members, and caretakers.


Duplexes are simply two-family dwellings. They can increase efficiencies while providing ample space and abundant livability.

Estate Homes

Estate Homes are often situated in golf course communities or on ranches, which demands they provide great views as well as be architecturally interesting from all views. They offer design challenges that we turn into breathtaking designs.

Executive Homes

When a Small-Scale Home is “too small” or an Estate Home is “too big,” we can help you plan a mid-sized Executive home that is “just right” for your family and lifestyle. These usually range in size from 2000 to 3000 square feet.

Garden Homes

Garden Homes are residential structures that comfortably fit on narrow lots of 50 feet or less. This gallery shows how we creatively deal with site limitations without sacrificing design.


Lodges–whether a style of home or a separate community gathering place–have in common the Grand Room with high walls for displaying trophies, mounts, and other collectibles. See the ways we meet this challenge for a number of clients.


This is our miscellaneous category. Just a sampling of some of the various hard-to-classify design projects we’ve done over the years.

Small Scale Homes

While a compact house is typically under 2000 square feet, it does not need to sacrifice style or function. With limited space and careful budgets, a smart design is even more important in making a Small-Scale Home serve you in a big way!