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Texas Home Plans adds value to your project in two ways

1) Reducing construction costs in the beginning

With conservation of living area by efficient design, and decreasing utility cost via energy efficient design and site orientation.

2) Increasing market value in the end

Better design means a house with more curb appeal, efficiency, functionality, and value when the time comes to sell.

Mickey Thompson has had his work boots on the ground as a building contractor. He knows what happens at the job site, how to make the most efficient use of materials, and how to put them together in efficient, yet striking ways.

Mickey also boasts an extensive background in real estate finance and development. He understands the financial side of the business, to help you build a home that will hold its value through the years and retain increased marketability.

We listen

We start every project by listening to the most important person–you! Before one line is drafted, our clients tell us what they want, from General Design down to details in lighting, kitchen layout, and appliances. We walk you through the process, so we can learn from you everything we need to know. Only when we have understood your vision do we start the design.

We lead

Not sure what you want? Don’t worry! Some clients just don’t want to figure it out. We will do that. Our job is to help you get what you want in the least painful way. We’ll even make it fun! Building a home is a big project, but we like a little laughter. It helps the process go smoother.

We know

The most important value we bring is our experience. We offer more drawings than anyone (over 1,000!) in this part of the country. We have won state and national design awards, and had numerous properties featured on prestigious Parades of Homes. We are Certified Green Professional. But we never forget why we are in business.

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Hill Country Builders Association Texas Association of Builders National Association of Home Builders

Our Team
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Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson

Tammy Widener

Tammy Widener

Leslie Mailloux

Leslie Mailloux

Carey Thompson

Carey Thompson

Our Mission

Our mission is to find design solutions that meet your desires, fit your needs, and work within your site parameters.

In everything we do, these primary design concepts guide us:

Function leads to form
Your lifestyle and taste inform all design. Families with children will desire a different layout than retirees, for example.

Light, scale, proportion, balance, rhythm and contrast matter
You spend most of your time in your home. It should be an interesting, aesthetically appealing place as well as functional.

Design is organic
A home should look like it has been designed, not just fabricated. The essential theme should grow as the design process unfolds.

Integrity of materials is essential
Architectural design cannot stand by itself–it must be based on a strong foundation using quality materials that create a whole greater than the sum of the parts

Everything Matters
We go out of our way to develop design details you may not even be aware of. We want the side of the house to look as good as the front, even if no one besides the neighbor will ever see it.