What our Clients Say

“Thank you Tammy and Mickey for the incredible job! You have made it a pleasure.”

B. Glover - TX

“Thanks for the plans. We’re really happy with the results.”

E. Barlow - CA

“I did refer another couple to your website.”

S. Burrow - AR

“Thanks, Tammy!  I appreciate the rapid delivery.  I will definitely send photos.  I love all of your plans and will definitely pass your name along.  I have searched the Internet for months looking for plans, have paid 2 designers to come up with custom plans (we were way over budget on the final result, so that was worthless)... your plans have come as close to anything I would even consider!!  The cost of building a custom home in South TX with this oil boom is unbelievable. Thanks again!”

S. Husky - TX

"THANK YOU!!!! This is perfect. ...Please use us as a reference for anyone inquiring of your services - we are beyond pleased. You guys are the best and I'm soooo excited to get this house done."

S. Ringmacher - TX

“My husband and I reviewed the house plans last night, and we are very happy.  It is everything I wanted and more! You have all made this process so seamless and enjoyable, and I am very thankful for that. Thank you again for everything. It has been a pleasure working with you. We will certainly send you pictures of the finished house.”

T. Earels - TX

“The house Mickey designed is fabulous and we love everything about it.”

T. Maddox - TX

“Thank you so much for all your help with the house plans. Thank you for your prompt and professional service.”

J. Bridges - OK

“Mickey, thanks so much for everything you have done to enable us to build a beautiful home. We couldn’t have done it without you! Please give a shout out to Tammy. She is a godsend, not only to us but especially to you!”

M. Soyars - TX

“Betty, thank you and Mickey for the incredible job! Believe me if we were doing this in New Mexico, it would be an absolutely miserable process! You and Mickey have made it a pleasure.”

M. Glover - TX

“Thank you Mickey for your expertise on our home plan – and your friendship as well.”


“Just want to let you know that we received the house plans today - and the house looks WONDERFUL!!!”

J. Hultquist - TX

“We appreciate the excellent design work done by Texas Home Plans.”


“It's been a great experience, we'll let you know when it's built!”

H. Devore - TX

“We can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with the overall look and flow that resulted from your design. It was a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you again for your creativity and imagination.”


“Thank you for your prompt and professional service.”

J. Bridges - OK

“Great job --- we love it all!”

J. Holbrook - TX

“We received the house plans today – and the house looks WONDERFUL!!!

J. Hultquist - OK

"Thank you for helping to get our dream plan its start. Will send pictures of our progress."

J. Knorr - TX

“We want to thank you for the work you did on our house plans in Comanche Trace. The finished product is exactly what we asked you to produce, a Texas Farmhouse. Even though we started with one of your standard plans, we incorporated certain ideas we had and you made them work in the plan without much added square footage.”

L. Sudderth - CA

“Tammy & Mickey, You guys did a great job, and it made the design phase enjoyable. In fact, I'm a little sad that it's finished! Thank you.”

J. Sandy - MD

“You all know that you’re amazing, right?? THANK YOU for your talent, professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail!  You have made this a very smooth and pleasant experience; we are thrilled that we were referred to you for the design process. God bless you all!  (or as a future Texan, I should probably say y’all)”

K. Almgren - IL

“You read my mind! You guys are great!”

K. Knox - AL

"It was such a pleasure working with you. ... Thanks for your good work."

K. Peterson - TX

“Thank you for the plans. They are great! We cannot wait to get started. We will definitely send some pictures.”

K. Tipton - TX

"We were looking for someone to design a guest house / carriage house for our rural property located in Texas Hill Country. We had already done some research on the Internet and based upon his website requested a face-to-face meeting. Mickey knew just the right questions to ask to help us accurately describe what we wanted in all regards, resulting in drawings that were absolutely perfect! He provided a list of alternative materials we could consider using on the exterior should budget become a concern, and it was very helpful. We even used the builder he recommended, Brad Moore Builders, LLC, and they were exceptional as well. An excellent experience and we thoroughly enjoy the home!"

Karen - TX

"I just wanted to thank you both for designing our new home. Kristie and I love it! We showed it to my mother yesterday and she was very excited. I hope the rest of this project goes as smooth as this part. Thank you again for exceeding our expectations and for helping us make this dream of ours become a reality."


“Mickey/Tammy, Well, it took us nearly two years to build and the landscaping isn't in yet but I thought you'd like to see how our lake house turned out. We'll get more pictures of it to you but here are a couple quick ones to get started. Of course, it wasn't possible without a great plan from you!”

M. Nichols - TX

“We have just completed our home plans with Archetype Designs (Texas Home Plans) and the team led by Mickey & Tammy did a great job.”

R. Soboleski - TX

“Thanks for your excellent work on our plans. We look forward to a continued relationship.”

J. Johnson - TX

Hi Tammy, How are you all doing, we are fine. Wanted to send Mickey and you some pictures of the front of the finished landscaped house, now that the landscaping is finally, slowly but surely coming together. We really liked Mickey's design of the house and have had lots of compliments on the house, even when it was in the building process too. Again please thank Mickey for all his work on designing our house, it turned out beautiful, and thank you too Tammy for all your help during the designing process. Take Care, David/Carolyn Cummins

D. Cummins

“We have been very pleased with your work and your artistic talent.”

B. Holdorff - FL

“Just wanted to send along a big thanks and tell you how much we love what you did for us and how we enjoyed the process. Once we get the home built you are welcome to take photos and you both have an open dinner invite. We want to thank you for coming up with the changes to our home plans.  We think the changes came out exceptionally well and we are awestruck at the work that you did for us. I also want to thank you for your patience as we moved the home around on the lot!”

B. Ward - FL

"The whole bunkhouse looks really cool, you did a great job!"

B. Wills - TX

“Thank you Mickey, for designing a beautiful dream home! We are very excited about the build!”


"Just thought I’d share a couple of pictures of our home that we are proud of.  Purchased a set of plans from you a few years ago and are always getting complements on the finished product. Thanks!"

Bob - Texarkana, TX

“Wanted to send a few pictures of the home Mickey designed for us, it is turning out to be such a beautiful home and well designed.  We call it our farmhouse, because the back porch area looks so much like what we would of envisioned a farmhouse to look like.  We are so pleased with the way the house is turning out, thank you.”

C. Cummins - TX

“Merry Christmas! and thanks for putting my thoughts on paper. (and doing such a great job!)”

R. Meaux - TX

“Thank you for everything! And the patience - we appreciate everything you did and love the design!”


“We want to thank you for all your help in the design of our home. We are really looking forward to getting started. I hope you guys had fun with the design in doing something a little “Different.” I know we really like the end result.”

A. Sell - TX

“We think your website and house plans are first class, all the way!”

B. Gonzales - TX

“Thanks for a great job!!”

B. Keller - TX

“Please let Mickey know the plans look great. The house is beautiful.”

D. Canfield - TX

“Great job! This isn’t your first Rodeo and thanks for helping us with our first!”

Dave - TX

“My husband and I are so happy we decided to go through Texas Home Plans.  Mr. Thompson's designs are beautiful, and we really appreciate his kind and personal approach to business. Also, Carey, thank you for being so prompt to respond to our questions and floor plan changes. We love the final product!  It was so fun to see our name and address on the floor plan. Our favorite part, though, was the footnote, "May this house be built to the glory of God." As followers of Jesus, that was a sweet surprise and reminder to put Him first throughout this entire building process. Thank you again.  We will definitely refer people to Texas Home Plans.”

R. Villa - TX

“Thank all. We love the plan. And we absolutely love the house’s original design!"

M. Wedel - CA

“Mickey, Chell and I just wanted you to know that we are extremely happy with the plans. We have been showing them off the last couple of weeks to friends and family. Everyone loves them. You got what we wanted down to a tee.... When we started this process, we were a little nervous and apprehensive. You have made us feel very comfortable during this, and I really do appreciate that.”

P. Bennett - TX

"Thank you so much! We love it!"

P. George - TX

“Our thanks to all! Looking forward to the next step. See you this Spring."

R. Harter - FL

"Lovely plans, received them earlier this week. We are excited about the build. And ...you will be most welcome to photograph whatever you want, whenever you want. Thank you again for a beautiful home-to-be."

B. Castillo - TX

“We want to thank you and all the staff of Archetype designs for all your imaginative ideas and creativity in designing our beautiful home. As you know, our lot had an unusual triangular shape and posed quite a challenge. We can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with the overall look and flow that resulted from your design. We highly recommend Archetype Designs (Texas Home Plans) to anyone building a new home.”

R.Dodds - TX

“Very well done. All detail needed as structural engineer to do the structural design.”

MBC Management - TX

“Thank you again for your fine work. You all certainly made this design experience very pleasurable.”

J. Johnson - TX

“Mickey and Carey, A quick note to tell y’all that Dayna and I met with our builder and his wife this evening to show them the final plans. Bruce has been in construction for 40 years. When we unrolled the plans on the kitchen table they both started smiling right off the bat. As they examined each page and flipped to the next they kept exclaiming how OUTSTANDING the plans are! Bruce said that before sit-downs like this they always wonder what the plans are going to look like; he’s seen the whole spectrum and these are absolutely top quality that a GC and subs can really work with. Of course Dayna and I felt great about y’all through the entire process. Still, it was extremely gratifying for the builders to say, repeatedly, how impressed they were – comments like “Wow, dimensions for everything,” “Great detail!” or “These people really know what they’re doing.””

C. Robinson - TX

“The framing starts tomorrow! This is so exciting and thanks to you all, our dream is coming true!”

J. Murdoch - TX

“We finally moved into our new home in June and are delighted with it. Thanks to Mickey all our neighbors love the design.”

M. Martin - TX

“We want to thank you for your hard work and creativity. We are very pleased with our house plan and look forward to begin building it.”

C. Compton - TX

“The house is gorgeous! We love the way the porch additions were handled and absolutely adore the house overall....we really appreciate all of your hard work and are very thankful for Mickey and his 'artistic vision.'”

L. Sanchez - TX