Green Initiative

We like to ask, “What shade of ‘green’ are you?”

Xeriscaping is green technology.

We are Certified Green Professionals.“Green” has many meanings.

Green initiatives can range from roof overhangs to geothermal systems. As Certified Green Professionals, we are very knowledgeable in all the advanced building sciences. With our background, we can help you decide where on the “green continuum” you land.

Some examples of green initiatives we can help you consider:

  • Large overhangs on porches to minimize summer solar heating
  • Natural ventilation to discharge heat
  • Geothermal cooling and heating
  • Solar heating
  • Radiant floor heating systems
  • ICF (insulated concrete form) construction
  • On-demand tankless water heating
  • Water harvesting systems

And many other green technologies

Our experience has shown that each of the “green” products on the market is very site and building sensitive; i.e., a product may work well on one home and site and not at all well on another. For example, while solar panels may be a good answer for one home, they may not be economical for another home with a different orientation. We are primarily concerned with clients’ comfort and enjoyment of their homes, but we also feel that systems need to be economical, offering a reasonable return on investment (ROI).

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